Advanced Stuff

Under Construction:

This section will contain more advanced information intended to be suitable for experienced users of Excel. I have been working with spreadsheets almost from when Excel first became available on the early Apple Macs. After many versions of Excel I believe that the core of how Excel does the maths has hardly changed. Many enhancements have made Excel able to handle data better, which is not what it was originally designed for, but the basic problems with how Excel handles mathematical modelling are still present. There have been a few new functions added, e.g. SUMPRODUCT(), SUMIF() and then SUMIFS(), COUNTIFS() etc. but that is about it for the maths.

So what I am saying is that the experience I have through many years of using Excel for computational spreadsheets is still very relevant today. I have collected a huge amount of experience of the pitfalls encountered in large workbooks, and I will share that with my clients.